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Volunteer/Request a Lawn Sign for Pam4Encinitas!

Want to help out #Pam4Encinitas? Please reach out to learn about our volunteer opportunities.  You may also send a lawn sign request (with your address) and we will make sure you get one!


Make a Donation

Your contribution will help Pam Redela get elected to the Encinitas City Council for District 4, where she will work on behalf of all Encinitans.

Maximum donation is $250. 

Donation by PayPal

Clicking on the PayPal button below will take you to our donation site.  Please remember that we need your employer and job title for our campaign finance forms.  The PayPal link has a space for that info!  THANK YOU for your support.

We also accept paper check donations!  Send your check along with the following information for our campaign finance reporting requirements:





If you are retired, include your previous employer and list "retired" as your job title.

Mail to:

Pam Redela for City Council 2022

1834 Eastwood Lane

Encinitas, CA 92024


Donation by check

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