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Pam's Priorities for Encinitas

I will bring my work ethic and love for community to focus on the following priorities alongside my constituents:


My family is an example of why we need affordable housing in Encinitas.  In 2004, Mike and I purchased our first home; the townhome in Village Park where we currently live.  With the rising costs, we would not be a able to afford our home if we were first time buyers today.  Our teachers, nurses, and firefighters are examples of folks who have a hard time owning a home in the city where they work.  As a council member, I will engage with current commissions and planning groups to design proposals that will bring Encinitas into compliance with affordable housing mandates. I believe that we can maintain the unique character of our city while responding to housing needs by educating Encinitas voters on the big picture. I see the challenge before us as an opportunity for energy efficient redesign of outdated spaces that will ultimately be a bonus to our community.  I hope you will join me in this effort.

Public Safety & Energy Efficient Transportation

Encinitas is among the safest cities in Southern California. One reason for this is the small-town ethos of our residents.  This ethos is reflected in the many efforts to extend a helping hand to the unhoused in our community.  Alongside that ethos, however, is another view that paints the unhoused as a criminal threat to our town.  I know that there have been incidents of threatening behavior that compromise our sense of security, and my hope is that the city can facilitate community engagement with law enforcement, especially volunteer patrols and efforts on the part of County social services, to help to reduce petty crime, encourage trust, and get folks the help they need and deserve.

Another area of importance is innovative solutions to impaired driving and energy efficient transportation.  Programs like local micro-transit is something I've seen in other coastal cities which could work in Encinitas too. While it's great that more folks are using rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, a micro-transit system that would allow for free-to-low cost, zero emission local transportation could do even more to eliminate drinking and driving for the patrons of our bars and restaurants while ensuring that those rides are emission free.  Micro-transit could also be a benefit during school breaks and summer months for our youth who are not yet of driving age.  How cool would it be for kids to hop on dedicated transit from New Encinitas down to Moonlight Beach for a day of surf and sun?!  There are also great programs through our Community Center on e-bike safety that are being extended to our schools to further educate kids on how to be a responsible rider.  Together we can continue to cut car emissions and give our maturing kids safe ways to exercise their independence.

Civic Engagement

I have a heart for service, as evidenced by my dedication as a PTA mom and helpful neighbor.  I believe that the involvement of everyday people in local government is an important duty we must all take on.  This is my first time running for office, and I was inspired to do so by this belief.  I have a window of time opening in my life as my children are growing into young adults, so I am stepping up to give back to my community.  As a member of city council representing District 4, I will work to emphasize the importance of civic engagement by maintaining respectful dialogue with constituents, community members, and council members on all matters that come before us.  I will seek out the voices of my constituents by maintaining regular "office hours" to meet with folks and will encourage town halls on matters of importance to Encinitans.  It is my intention to bring thoughtful, compassionate leadership to the council. 

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